Big Data

Apache NiFi Apache HBase This category is to discuss more about HBase. Workshop Exercises This category is to create Exercises who are part of live training sessions. Administration This is to discuss all about Big Data administration Apache Hadoop This is to discuss all the topics around Hadoop core components such as Apache Kafka This category is to discuss all about Kafka Apache Pig This is all about Apache Pig - a data flow language used to process both structured and unstructured data. Apache Flume This is the topic to track the issues with respect to Flume. Virtual Machines This category is to discuss about all the issues related to virtual machine images for big data CCA 131 - Cloudera Certified Associate - Admin Apache Sqoop This is to discuss all about Apache Sqoop which is used to export and import data between relational databases and Hadoop Apache Hive Let us start discussing all topics with respect to Apache Hive. Apache Spark This subcategory of big data is all about discussing Apache Spark
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