Linux Fundamentals for Software Professionals/Data Engineers (5)
About the Linux category (1)
Moving table from MySql into Local File System (3)
Using commad linux (4)
Console vi need change font color (1)
Session 05 - Manipulating data - Piping, searching, transforming, sorting, unique values (1)
Session 04 - get help, list files, find for files, copying files between the servers (1)
Session 03 - Manipulating Files and Managing Directories including basic file permissions and ACLs (1)
Session 02 - Connecting to servers using SSH and understanding profile (1)
Session 01 - Overview of Hardware, Operating Systems and launching AWS EC2 instances (4)
Setup Ubuntu using Windows subsystem for linux - Windows 10 (1)
Access C drive using Ubuntu (built using Windows subsystem for linux) (1)
Setup java and jdk in Ubuntu (1)
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