2GB RAM-Cloudera Vm-Itversity Labs



I have 2GB RAM in my home PC with Windows and can upgrade max to 4GB RAM. My aim is to clear CCA175 certification.

  1. Any Cloudera Vm version that can be installed? From where? There’s only 5.13 ver available for download.
  2. If i sign up for lab, can I work on everything without any issues?
  3. What other software will I need if I sign up for itversity labs.

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The Cloudera VM requires atleast 16GB of RAM. You can download it from the below link https://www.cloudera.com/downloads/quickstart_vms/5-13.html
Since you have very less RAM it’s better to go with labs. All the required software’s are available with labs.


Thanks Santosh for your reply. And will the labs be enough for practicing for cca175, or i need anything locally as well. And for taking the certification, 2GB RAM is enough?


Labs are sufficient for CCA175. For the certification they will be giving you an instance where all the required software’s are available. Please go through the below link for details about the certification.