502 Bad Gateway - 20200323

Unable to login to the Lab. Getting " 502 Bad Gateway" error. User: skp_2151. Please help fixing it.


Due to some recent changes in the labs, we are facing issues with a web console. Our admin team is working on it. But you can access the cluster by ssh from the terminal if you are using Mac or Linux. If you are using windows please use ssh tools like putty, Cygwin.

Ok got it. Thank you!

I am not able to get into terminal using putty.
host: gw02.itversity.com
user name: yashkanda

PLEASE help I need access to practice. I am going to appear for CCA175 this week end.

I have checked from my side everything works fine. Raise a separate ticket and also a screenshot of the error which you are getting for this kind of issues from next time so that we can track & help you in a better way.