502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.12.2

Hi Itversity team,

I am facing 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.12.2 while pening the labs console.
Please can you help

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I have the same issue.

Due to some recent changes in the labs, we are facing issues with a web console. Our admin team is working on it. But you can access the cluster by ssh from the terminal if you are using Mac or Linux. If you are using windows please use ssh tools like putty, Cygwin.

Thankyou Shubham,

Till when we can expect this to be up.
There are scenarios/reasons where I cannot use Putty/Cygwin on my system.
That is why relying on this web console.


It is now up and you will get Jupyter Notebook by default. You might have to copy paste the password from labs.itversity.com

Hi Team,

Thanks a lot for your quick response.
Still getting below error when clicked on console on labs.itversity.com -

404 : Not Found

Jupyter has lots of moons, but this is not oneā€¦

Thanks once again for your superb support.


Can you try in incognito window or private window?

Hi Team,

Please ignore. I am able to login through jupyter command prompt.
Thanks for your support.

Thanks and Regards,

I am not able to access console

I am not able to access console.