8th July - Cleared CCA175

Have cleared CCA-175 certification on 8th July, I would like to thanks Durga Sir for all his efforts… his knowledge sessions really helped. Durga Sir, your youtube playlist and stuff on itversity helped a lot in clearing the exam.
Exam was easy but time plays crucial role, practice is key. I would suggest practice Spark API’s as well along with DataFrame and Spark SQL.

Arun Kumar Pasuparthi’s bolgs is also very helpful to understand and get the feel of exam. Thanks Arun!

Thanks a lot Itversity.

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Congrats Sharad :slight_smile:

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Hi Sharad,

Any change in the exam pattern or is it the same as what people have been reporting? TIA

It’s same 2 sqoop and 7 Spark

Congrats @bagalsharad .

Do we need to create any tables in Hive for storing the data, just like in the old exam pattern ?

Congration Sharad !

Can you tell me how many questions of SPARK ? Do all of them can solve with Spark SQL ? or they ask to solve with either Dataframes, or Spark SQL or Spark core API.

7 questions were on spark, we are free to decide choice of approach to solve the problem.

how many questions on sqoop,flume

2 questions on sqoop, no question on flume.

is all spark questions in certification can be solved by sparksql ?

hi, can any one provide you tube links of durga sir for CCA175 videos for revised syllabus

Hi, can you please share your email ID ? I have few questions reg the preparation. my mail id is cganeshamoorthy@gmail.com.