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Yes, now it successfully created new userid.
Thanks for help.


My user id is Sameerrao20118

I dont see all the hosts to be running on my Ambari cluster, attached the screen shot.

i am also not able to go to the hive view as i get an error.
Issues detected
Service ‘ats’ check failed: Server Error

Could you please help me at the earliest.



ATS is not an issue. You can ignore it. Quite often ambari metrics is going down and hence reporting is not proper. As long as you are able to run the jobs and load the data you are good to go.


Many Thanks Durga sir for your response ! Would resume my training now.!


I signed up at udemy for CCA 175 pyspark.
It is said for a one month complimentary lab access. I have sent the google form but didn’t got any response.
Kindly let me know. Thanks.


Hi, I’ve recently subscribed to itversity labs. I’m trying to create folder in HDFS but it seems no permissions to create folder and coping files in that folder.
getting below error put: Permission denied: user=jagat_patil, access=WRITE, inode="/user/a.txt.COPYING":hdfs:hdfs:drwxr-xr-x , Kindly resolve it ASAP.


@Jagatsing_Patil Use below command to copy a file:

hdfs dfs -put filename /user/jagat_patil


How do I create OS users. I tried using sudo but its error out.

Please suggest


@Jagatsing_Patil You can’t create OS users in big data labs.


hello how can i upload my custom files inside lab for practice of CCA 175


@Vibodh Follow the link to transfer the files




I have some Functionality issues of big data labs
I can’t connect to the sql database, I can’t write the passeword after this mysql -u retail_user -h ms.itversity.com -p



I have another Functionality issues of big data labs,
after type help(reduce) in python, I can’t type a word with my keyboard and exit python


Hi i’m new to Bigdata
planning to learn hadoop administration
when i enroll for lab, will i be able to install all the components or it will already be installed in the server?


Is it still active? can i still enroll for lab?


@Suwathi_karthika_Dur bigdata labs are for developers. You can’t install or change the components. It will come with all the installed services.


thanks Balu. so will not be useful for learning Hadoop administration?


I m unable to use the hdfs related commands like hdfs fs -ls filename in the big data lab.

I created the file in the path - /home/username
but using the command : hdfs fs - ls /home/username/filename it showing no such file exists.