Access deniesd in sqoop, Unable to fetch table records

I was trying to fetch data from orders table , which is inside retail_db database.
I was able to make the connection successfully, but while fetching data … Access denied prompt is coming , but in your videos, you’re able to see the data. Could you please elaborate why is this happening and how can this be resolved Below is the query I used:

*sqoop eval *
*–connect jdbc:mysql:// *
–username reatil_user *
–password itversity *
** --query “SELECT * FROM orders LIMIT 10”

Please find below screenshot of the error coming:

Please help.

Hi @Madhvi,

Try below command-

sqoop eval \
--connect "jdbc:mysql://" \
--username retail_user \
--password itversity \
--query "select * from orders limit 10"

you have to be carefull while passing hostname. mysql database with username retail_user is installed on host and retail_dba is installed on host