Am not able to copy and paste user id and password

Hi Team,

I am using HP laptop but when tried to copy user id and pwd with help of FN+Prt sc and ctl+fn+prt sc or shift + ctrl +Prt sc. it is not copying. Can you please help me on this.

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Bhogireddy J

@janbigdatachwk1947 To copy just click on Icons appear at Right top corner in web console, It will copy automatically. Use shift + Insert to paste the username and password.

Thanks for your quick response… Still it is not allowing to copy Balu

Try clicking on the icons and paste in on a notepad. Then copy paste from notepad to the console(ctrl + v) should make you login.
When the internet is slow, it is not properly allowing us to use the username and password icons to do the copy paste task.

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It worked for me. Ty