Ambari Hive view is not working ( stuck at "Service checks in progress.")



Hive view in ambari is not launching and gives the error Service ‘ats’ check failed: Server Error while startup.

I also tried hive view 2.0 and it also got stuck as shown in below.

What is the issue with hive view ? is there any workaround (not console way)


@rajeshs903 Hive views are working fine. If you get any issue in hive view click on query to get the hive prompt. And hive view 2.0 is working fine with out any issues.


Hive view is still not working… Stuck at checks in progress.
Only Hive 2.0 view is working.


@rajeshs903 Please refer screenshots.

Once you open the hive view it will give you ATS test failure, You can ignore it and click on Query on the same page.

After clicking on Query wait for some time it will get you below screen.