Apache Spark 1.6 - Transform, Stage and Store - Introduction

As part of this topic, we will see details required to get started with Apache Spark – Core API

  • A brief introduction to Spark
  • Accessing the Documentation
  • Connecting to the Environment
  • Initializing Spark Jobs


  • Objectives
  • Problem Statement
  • Introduction to Spark
  • Initializing the job
  • Create RDD using data from HDFS
  • Read data from different file formats
  • Standard Transformations
  • Saving RDD back to HDFS
  • Save data in different file formats
  • Solution


  • Convert a set of data values in a given format stored in HDFS into
    new data values or a new data format and write them into HDFS.
    • Load RDD data from HDFS for use in Spark applications
    • Write the results from an RDD back into HDFS using Spark
    • Read and write files in a variety of file formats
    • Perform standard extract, transform, load (ETL) processes on data

Problem Statement

  • Use retail_db data set
  • Problem Statement
    • Get daily revenue by product considering completed and closed orders.
    • Data need to be sorted in ascending order by date and then descending
      order by revenue computed for each product for each day.
  • Data for orders and order_items is available in HDFS
    /public/retail_db/orders and /public/retail_db/order_items
  • Data for products is available locally under /data/retail_db/products
  • Final output need to be stored under
    • HDFS location – avro format
    • HDFS location – text format
    • Local location /home/YOUR_USER_ID/daily_revenue_python
    • Solution need to be stored under

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