Applying compression on ORC


I have tried 3 compression(gzip,zlib,snappy) while saving data in ORC format but it is getting saved as normal orc. File getting created is of same size for all.

Code used:
sc.parallelize(1 to 10).toDF().write.mode(“overwrite”).format(“orc”).save("/user/cloudera/zlib")

Any other way to apply compression on ORC.
PS: I think ORC is already compressed, but not sure.

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By default ORC is compressed. We cannot use sqlContext.setConf, it only work with Parquet and Avro.

I need to troubleshoot further about compressing with different algorithms for ORC. For others you can go through this topic


From exam’s perspective. I have covered reading /writing in avro,json,parquet,sequence with compression. Is that sufficient ?
Only Orc is pending along with compression. Though I have covered orc reading / writing without compression.