AWS Instance creation Issue


Hi All, While trying to set up the instance in AWS I am struck witht the following issue: I selected Mumbai region and when trying to select “ultraserve-centos-6.7-ami-pv-2016.03.2.x86_64-gp2 – ami-0591fb6a” and virtualization type as Para virtual(Durga sir suggested to go only with PARA VIRTUAL type in his video) it says “No valid instance type found” but if go with HVM , it throws up different instances. Please help me how to proceed further.



There will be differences in regions. What is the purpose? Is it to practice Hadoop?



Yeah, to install cloudera and practice Hadoop. So can I go with the available instances in HVM



Why don’t you consider using which also runs on AWS with uncomparable price and great technical forum support in itversity.

Unless you are very particular about Cloudera distribution.



Yeah Venkat, Thanks for that suggestion, I even had my hands on that, but somehow I am finding difficulty in navigating from one place to another as I am pretty new to this Linux and big data stuff, moreover when for any clarification when I move to another webpage to surf for some new item, its getting timed out. Overall, not very comfortable as insight in to it will be great :slight_smile:



Are you planning to be developer or administration? If it is for development, I will recommend you to go with bigdata labs or virtual machine.

You do not have to use webpage. You can login to cluster using putty or cygwin. You will face same set of challenges even on AWS.

If it is for administration, I understand. But with out knowledge of Linux you will end up wasting lot of time and money.

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Hmm, Thanks for the inputs Sir, I am planning to be a developer, okay as of now will go through the data-lab then.