Big Data and Cloud Q&A - Session 01 - Support process and Spark 1.6 vs. Spark 2.x

As part of this session we will be answering any open Question and Answers related to Big Data.

As this is first session, there are not many folks joined. However, I have covered some important details to make these sessions more effective.

  • Walked through our support process.
  • How to use YouTube live chat to ask me questions to get the issues resolved.
  • Role of Zoom for troubleshooting your issues by connecting remotely to your systems.

Also one of the Udemy Student have asked couple of questions and those are clarified live.

  • We have both Spark 1.6 as well as Spark 2.x which one should I focus?
  • You have Spark SQL or Hive as part of 1.6 but not for 2.x, why?

Spark 2.x is added recently as complementary in this 1+ year old course. We are reshooting most of the content and these will be added soon. However, one need not wait till then and I have explained critical aspects to proceed further with out waiting on me with live demo.

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I will come up with a mechanism where you can ask questions up front and I will be able to answer those as part of the live sessions.

Here are the additional resources: