Big Data Certification Simulator

We are glad to announce Certification Simulator where you will be getting linux based Remote Desktop for the practice.

Price is $14.45 for 3 days. If you are interested you can fill this form.

For any queries, send email to Once request is submitted, it will take at least 48 hours to get the environment.

I m still awaiting a response from support team.

Is it taken care already for you?

No its not taken care. I have specifically asked for simulator access where I have been given lab access.

reference ticket number:

Hello, i am specifically interested in CCA 159. I do not see a simulator for that; CCA 175 covers portions (or entire) exam, can certain questions of this be used instead? Please advise.


I was wondering if you have simulator for CCA159.


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Can you confirm if you have simulator for CCA 159


I have requested for Certification simulator access and I am planning to give the exam tomorrow evening (4th October). Just want to get some hands on the simulator environment before taking the exam. Can you please provide me with the access immediately.



Access is given. Please check. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks much Ramesh. Let me check and revert. Cheers