Big Data Lab access for students


We have special plan for students - 74.95$ for up to 2 years

  • If you enroll to lab as college going student, you will get access for 74.95$ for 2 years or graduation date which ever comes earlier, examples
  • A first semester student enrolled for MS in January 2017 and his tentative graduation date is August 2018. He/she will get access till August 2018. We can consider some grace period.
  • A first semester student enrolled for MS in January 2017 and his tentative graduation date is May 2019. He/she will get access till January 2019.

Information required for proof (US Students)

  • College email id
  • Copy of id card
  • Tentative graduation date
  • Send email from your college id to

Information required for proof (India students)

Method of payment and get access to lab

  • Create paypal account
  • Pay using your paypal account to itversity paypal account (
  • Do not use Debit or Credit cards, as Paypal will deduct transaction charges
  • Send us the receipt along with “Information required” as mentioned above

We will get you access with in 48 hours.

Thank you for considering us and happy learning.

Not able to connect to Big data labs
What all things can i practice in the lab
Banner - Bigdata-labs is now up and running

I am looking to signup as a student for labs.So please help me how to signup as a student.I am about to send my student id and school id card but I didn’t find information regarding where should I update my information.Please help me out.Thank you.


You just have to send email from your college id to, with following information:

  • Email id used to signup to the lab
  • Copy of id card
  • Tentative graduation date



Our College in Orissa, India does not provide e-mail id. I have gmail account. Will it do if I send my college ID card and mark sheet using gmail?
Am a second year Bachelor of Arts student. Can I avail this offer?


Sure Surojit. You can send the details.


Hello team,

Thanks. But where to send the details. Is there any email? and How to register?


Is there any economical plan for students…Say 1 year of access instead of 2 years?
Paying INR 5k at a time is difficult for few students


No more economic plans. That is the best I can do. If you want you can go for shorter term plans. is the email id.



My masters is going to end on Feb 25th 2017 and my EAD starts on Feb 27th. So how can i get benefit of this student discount program.


You will not be benefited. You have to go with regular plans.


Hi Durga sir,

I have signed up for lab access and sent you an email with all the required details on Sunday morning but didn’t get lab access so far. Could you please let me know when can I get the access to the lab.

Thanks in advance


Check it now. Issue is fixed.


Thank you Sir. I’m able to login now.


I do not have any documents that can states my tentative graduation date as it depends on me when can I graduate. What kind of document is accepted for tentative graduation date?


Send email with details about your college. When you are expecting to be graduated?


I have made the payment through Paypal. But, Paypal estimates that it takes April 14th to transfer the money. Do I need to wait until that day to send a request for access? or can I send the request right away?


@ram.kashyap117 - You can send the request right away. Try to change today’s date.


My name is Pallavi and I am preparing for CCA175 certification. In order to practice I need access to the Lab. At the moment I am thinking of buying 3 months plan. Please guide me with the registration process.



Did anybody (from Itversity) get a chance to look into my above lab access request; please let me know if there are any other way to raise a request for lab access.


@Pallavi - Did you tried below link? It will route to paypal login for payment. Posted with screen print if you face any issues.