Big Data on Cloud (Hadoop and Spark on AWS) - Live and Paid Workshop

Are you familiar with Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop and Spark and planning to understand how to build Big Data pipelines leveraging pay as you go model of cloud such as AWS?

This course is answer for that. Go through the details and sign up. Pricing is at the end of the course. You can raise questions by replying to this topic.


  • Basic programming using Python or Scala or both
  • Good knowledge about distributed file systems such as HDFS
  • Experience or Knowledge with distributed resource management frameworks such as YARN or Mesos
  • Good knowledge about distributed computing frameworks such as Map Reduce and Spark
  • Basic knowledge about Data Warehousing, ETL, Data Integration frameworks


Here is the curriculum for the course. If you are already familiar with Big Data technologies you can quickly add this important skill by going through this course.
  • Overview of AWS barebones (EC2, S3, EBS, Networking, Security, CLI etc)
  • Overview of AWS analytical services and comparison between on-premise cluster vs. cloud services. This session includes creating EMR cluster using quick options.
  • Step Execution and other advanced options of EMR
  • Quick revision of programming language - Scala 2.11
  • Quick revision of programming language - Python 2.7 (including Dataframes)
  • Development life cycle of Spark 2 applications using Scala (using IntelliJ)
  • Development life cycle of Spark 2 applications using Python (using Pycharm)
  • Running Scala and Python applications on EMR Cluster

We might have another course in near future where we will be covering DynamoDB, Kinesis etc to deep dive into other services under analytics services category of AWS.

There is no lab associated with the course. You might have to pay money to AWS to get your hands dirty as demonstrated in the course.

Course Details

Here are the details about the course
  • 8 Sessions - 60 minute to 90 minute sessions every 2 hours over the weekend
  • Start Date: August 4th 9 AM US Central Time
  • End Date: August 5th 7 PM US Central Time
  • Price: $94.95 (early bird price $74.95 till August 31st) - for live sessions
  • Those who attend live session will get at least 1 year access for the course
  • Course will be open after the live session as well with the same price

You will get access to Zoom session as well as YouTube playlist. Only those who enrolled for the course will get access to both.

sir, use Google cloud dataproc, its same as EMR and google give 300$ credit for a period of 1year.

Those who attend live session will get at least 1 year access for the course …

means Any AWS course?? Any discount for old students?

Hello @dgadiraju @itversity - How is this course different from Udemy AWS + Spark course