Bigdata Lab Environment

Bigdata Lab Environment
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Hello @itversity , All
I have just now enrolled in big data lab. I would like to know do we have Destkop/Virtual machine for lab or we have only web console. If we have to write map-reduce or scala application, do we download Hortonwork Virtual Machine or big data lab has VM also.

Thanks and Regards



I am unable to login via web console - i think i have used too many logins.
Also i am trying to login via Putty, but the terminal crashes when i give the password.
So, i am unable to login into the labs now.
Please resolve.

my login id - hdharod2


@Murali_Rachakonda Big data labs contains only web console. You prepare code by using IDE, Make jars ready to deploy and execute on Lab. You need to setup only IDE on your local system.