BigData Labs: How can i check metastore Database in hive?



I understand that I have to login as a hive user via MySQL in order to view the metastoreDB to get a clear picture of how hive internally works.
Could you please provide me the access or an alternative way to access the metastore, so that I can get a clear picture of the hive concept.


cd /etc/hive/conf

vi hive-site.xml

hive.metastore.warehouse.dir /apps/hive/warehouse


I am looking for the below tables part of the Metastore database as mentioned below, which i am unable to fetch using Hive CLI. Since these attributes are present inside MySql. I don’t have permission to login as hive user in mysql, could you please provide me access to this or an alternative to view the same.


  2. DBS


@Jayvardhan_Reddy_Van Meta store is not accessible to users.


okay, Thanks Balu.
Their is one another issue at which I am stuck for the past 10 days and nobody seems to be responding for the same.
Could you please help me out on the same, Please find the link below.