Can i Take the CCA175 exam from office



Can any one please let me know if i can take the exam in office from office laptop .
Will i be facing any fire wall bloocks?
I tried the compatibiltiy check and it went fine by installing the Chrome screen sharing extension successfully. is it sufficient?

Thanks in Advance


One person has experienced issues starting the exam when taking from Accenture office. It’s better to have hotspot or data card ready


You will be asked by the moderator to show around by rotating your laptop. You should not have papers writings etc around you. You should be alone. If you can have this environment along with system compatibility, you can take the test from office. I took test from home itself as I was not sure if my office network can block screen share etc. Moderator asked me to remove tablecloth from my desk :smile:. I guess a clean, uncluttered meeting room in after hours should be fine to take the test from office. If you are confident that you don’t have any network/software restrictions on your office laptop.

Also, If it you don’t want this to be a secret in office , just talk to your IT and your manager. They may help you.


Yes most of the office networks blocks monitoring system from remote location through internet using LAN. If you have can access internet using Wifi in your office you can try giving from office by keeping wifi hotspot as a backup.


I faced the firewall issues while attempting from Office.
So, had to go home n give the exam…


Tomo I am planning to write the exam. I.e 1st Dec. Do we need to have any ID proof?. Will there be some one on other side interacting to us?? What will happen if there is a internet disconnection in between?


Is there is any method that we can test connection before exam (one or two day before exam)?