Can we use Spark 2.3 in in latest CCA 175 exam?



It is mentioned that we can use Spark 2.3 in CCA175 Exam official as exam environment up graded to CDH 5.15. Has anyone used 2.3 in exam? If yes how did you enable it?

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In the exam you have to just use spark2-shell to launch Spark 2.3.

You can see in the official page of CCA 175 -

Official Page:


I have downloaded and installed new quick start vm from cloudera site expecting spark2 will be available.

I don’t see spark2-shell, spark2-submit commands working in the new quickstart vm.

Could you tell me how to practice using spark2 for exam using cloudera vm?

Thanks in Advance.



As per cluster details that came as part of the curriculum, you will be provided cluster with 2.3. I am not sure how we can get it working in Cloudera QuickStart VM.