Cannot access Ambari


I am not able to access Ambari. Receive an error “This site can’t provide a secure connection”. Waited for 30 mins as mentioned in the below solution but still no luck.

Please advise.

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Could someone pls help me with above?

hello Smita_Nair,

As we can see the issue is not from our side. You can see in the below screenshot. Clear your browser cache data and try to log in.

Hi Avinash,

I tried to clear the cache but still the same issue. I know I used to be able to login before so this is the first time I am seeing this.



hey @Smita_Nair,
what will be good time for you to connect on the zoom session, so I can help you with the issue.

Hi Avinash,

How about June 8, 10 pm EST? Please let me know if that time doesn’t work for you as I am not sure about your time zone.

Hi @Smita_Nair
we can connect at any time between 9 am-5 pm IST. or you can directly raise your issue on slack by joining our Slack Workspace and then join #labs-support channel.