Cannot connect to Ambari,Namenode,Resource Manager..etc) from my office machine. (Able to connect console) Can some one help me how to use all the service mentioned (Ambari,Namenode,Resource Manager..etc)



Cannot connect to , , from my office machine. (But able to access hdfs through console . No problem there)

Can some one help me how to use all the service mentioned (Ambari,Namenode,Resource Manager…etc) . Why am i unable to connect them ?


4 hours+.
Can someone help me with this situation. @itversity ?


@rajesh.santha29 There is know issues with liks. we can’t help if the links are not working in your office machine . Try with your PC and let us know the status.


Sorry. I didn’t understand what you mean.
“There is know issues with liks”. You mean no issue with links?
I have high end laptop. I have cloudera quickstart vm configured in my own machine. And there is no issue in my laptop but that is not what I aimed for. The reason for purchasing the labs to utilizing the office time and learn. Before I purchase i made sure that i have admin privileges and ports running free.
Can you please explain me how a office system different from my laptop interms of accessing links. There is no restriction for any site my office machine.
Please let me know if there is certain requirement for accessing links.
Thank you for your reply.


I think it is clearly a firewall issue. Can you check with network admin which all ports are blocked in the network that you are using?


Thanks Vinod for responding.
when i did netstat -na | find “8080”, i got the response for 8080 port as SYN_SENT. :disappointed:
Looks like my purchase is no longer is useful
I am still be able to use web console though :confused: why it is only for Ambari