Cannot execute sqoop import control argument


I am unable to execute the sqoop import null-string and non-null-string control arguments.I am getting an error which is given in the screenshot attached below.Can you help me with this issue?


Hi ,

Below command worked for me. You can revisit your syntax and correct it.

sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql:// --username retail_dba --password itversity --table departments_test --hive-home /apps/hive/warehouse --hive-import --hive-table departments_test_123 --create-hive-table -m 1 --outdir java_files --null-string nvl --null-non-string -1

Hope it helps,


21 PM


@Dinakar what is the difference between my code and the code that you have given?


I noticed error at username and password and also hive directory location. Try and compare both in text editor. :slight_smile: