Cannot import SparkSession in Spark-sumbit

I have tried to read a json file from hdfs i created a code in pycharm and tried to submit it into labs but the following error appears.

Please help me with this.


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@Ramesh1 ji please help me with this as i said before preparing for interview and i cannot access the labs for past few days


First of all, this is not a lab issue. And if you feel it like lab issue, please post it under bigdata labs category in future. If no one responded, please send a mail to in this case.

I have copied your code to a file & it worked. As this is not a lab issue you have to take it from here.

@Ramesh1 Thank you ramesh it is a great help, even i can run the same copied folder from outside the directory but im unable to run the pyspark from renga/git/spark_programs/ directory.



You can’t give names like json to a python script. Please delete json.pyc & give some other meaningful name.
Run spark-summit full command, now it will definitely work in this directory itself.

@Ramesh1 i tried for also the result is same bro, please help me out in this

You have not removed .pyc files as I suggested previously. That is why you are facing this issue.

I have removed all .pyc & renamed the scripts which are creating .pyc files.
Now we are getting different error.
As this is your own program you have to take it from here.