Cant run sqoop all of sudden


[kirantadisetti@gw02 bin]$ sqoop
bash: sqoop: command not found…
[kirantadisetti@gw02 bin]$
[kirantadisetti@gw02 bin]$ ls -ltr /usr/hdp/current/sqoop-client/bin/sqoop
ls: cannot access /usr/hdp/current/sqoop-client/bin/sqoop: No such file or directory
[kirantadisetti@gw02 bin]$

all of suddent not able to run sqoop. looks like some changes happening.

can u check ?


It seems nothing is running …

[ankitakalita@gw02 ~]$ hdfs dfs -ls
bash: hdfs: command not found…
[ankitakalita@gw02 ~]$ pyspark --master yarn --conf spark.ui.port=12548
pyspark is not found, please check if spark is installed
/bin/pyspark: line 26: exec: : not found
[ankitakalita@gw02 ~]$ sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql:// --username retail_user --password itversity --table order_items --compress --compression-codec --target-dir /user/ankitakalita/problem1/order_items --as-avrodatafile --delete-target-dir
bash: sqoop: command not found…


Same issue. Can you please investigate ?


Even I am facing the same issue. Did it get fixed for yours yet?if so, what did you do?


We are looking into the issue. We will give an update once it is resolved.


The Labs are working fine. We are looking into some minor issue, you can start using it and post if you come across any issues in