CCA 159 Cleared

CCA 159 Cleared
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Hello Durga,

I would like to extend my gratitude and the deepest regard to you for making us understand the concept and give the practical orientation in Big data concept. I attempted CCA 159 and cleared it with 7/9 score.

Thanks for sharing us your expertise on itversity platform.



Hi Savita,
Congrats .
I am also planned to take in next week. I just want to know is there any difference using Labs at itversity which is in Horton works but the exam will be on CDH ?

Please send your email-



Hi Savita,
Do we get PIG questions in Test ?



Hi Savita,

CONGRAT! I am getting ready for CCA 159. Which playlist you have followed? Can you send me an email at



Hello there,

I have mostly used Hive and Sqoop playlist. It would be very useful if you have good hands on for the same.



hello there,

The exam is mostly based on HIVE, SQOOP and IMPALA. I did not get any question on impala.



Congratulations Savita !

I am also planning to take up the CCA 159 certification next month and looking for some inputs. Could you please tell me where did you take the training from to prepare for this certification? Could you please share the link of that website/course?



Hi Savita
Congrats, could you please help with below information

  1. What is the depth of questions for Hive? Does the exam include collection(array, map, struct) data types, custom file formats, SerDe etc
  2. Appreciate if you can share the play list being followed
  3. Is there any source for practice problems with answers for CCA-159