CCA 175 Appearing Next week



Hi All,

Requesting a reply on below thread. if any one can clear my doubts it would be a great help.

As I am appearing for CCA 175 exam next week. I have few doubts.

I have completed the youtube playlist of CCA 175 and practiced multiple questions.I have used spark 1.6 for solving the problems and I am very comfortable with data frame and spark sql using spark 1.6.
However in last month’s youtube session Durga sir has advised to use Spark 2 in the exam.

  1. Will there be any changes in the APIs for reading and writing the data using Spark 2 ?
  2. Can I launce Spark2-Shell and follow the same coding pattern I practiced in Spark 1.6 ?
  3. Should I use Spark 1.6 and proceed with my certification next week as I have put 2 months effort in learning and practicing ?

Abhishek Shukla

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All the Best Abhishek.

Please let me know what are all types of questions being asked and their patterns.



2 questions of Sqoop (one import few columns from MySQL to HDFS and one export from HDFS files to Mysql/)

1 on hive or impala to read the file from some HDFS location and save it in some file format on hive or impala.

Remaining 6 questions on Spark.

If you have practiced on Spark 1.6 go ahead with that , no packages can be imported and also mostly all questions will be dealing with text file so you have to create case class then dataframe and work accordingly. Don’t try wasting time using csv package as it won’t work.

Pay specially attention to the file format and delimiter asked in questions because even one extra or less space or comma will result in 0 marks.

Always copy the source file and target destination path from question and paste. Don’t try to type it on your own.


Hi Abhishek, did you clear the exam…