CCA 175 -- cleared on 28th Sep

Hello Guys,

I appeared for the CCA 175 exam on 28th Sep & passed the same with 8/9(got the email after 1.5 days). It took around 10-13 mins to solve each question mainly because of super slow VM (& i had a 100 mbps internet speed plan)

Questions were straight forward and easy but you need to practice a lot. I wrote all the answers in a text editor which you will see on desktop of VM and then pasted in the terminal ,control + c and control + v doesn’t work in terminal , only right click copy and paste.

VM is bit slower & laggy.

Thanks a lot to Durga Sir for preparation course.

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This issue with copy and paste is recurrent here… I took the exam and had no problem with it.

Just in case, please note that the Terminal requires you to use CTRL+SHIFT+C and CTRL+SHIFT+V . Alternatively, you can use CTRL+INSERT to copy and SHIFT+INSERT to paste.

To summarize, you copy from Browser or Text Editor with CTRL+C and paste in Terminal with CTRL+SHIFT+V or SHIFT+INSERT

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Hi guys, thanks once again for the inputs.
Regarding analytics, did you face any questions where the usage of window/rank functions was required?

I assume most of the questions ask for filtering, ordering and basic aggregations (avg, max, min, counts) using group by operations right?

Any date cols operation?

Congratulations to you all!!

@Marcel_Toledo @Anubhav_Sharma

date transformation i think that there was one question. Basic aggregation one or two. No window function at all.

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No windows func … only basic filter ques … good luck …

I didn’t knew this … good to know …thanks :slightly_smiling_face: