CCA 175 Completed on March 17,2018



Hello Everyone ,
I cleared my CCA175 on 17-March-2018.
A big Thank You to Mr. Durga & Arun !!!

My only suggestion to candidates preparing for CCA175 is get well acquainted with sublime text & try using all tools command lines ( hive/sqoop/query/mysql) so that you will adapt quickly to the certification environment , rest all topics are covered by itversity’s CCA 175 playlist on youtube and Arun’s Blog.

Thank You.

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I don’t understand what’s “sublime text”.
Could you explain it to me?

Thank you :wink:


It is a text editor.


By default spark launches 200 tasks to run single job.
By default 200 parquet files will be generated under prob3 folder.
If I change spark.sql.shuffle.partition to 4 (to improve performance) then only 4 op files will be generated.
how do they evaluate the answer? do they compare number of output files as well?


It is a text editor like gedit or notepad


Unless explicitly asked in question , they don’t really check no of files.



Can anyone tell me what is the exam’s environment? Am I able to continue using the Cygwin on my laptop? I read some places that HUE is somehow used in the exam, did anyone see that in your exam?

Are there questions about scala programming itself? like something below:

val z = sc.parallelize(List(1 ,2,3,4,5,6), 2)

// lets first print out the contents ot the RDD with partition labels

def myfunc(index: Int, iter:Iterator[(int)]) : Iterator[String] = { => “[partlD:” + index + Val: " + x + “]”).iterator
//ln each run , output could be different, while solving problem assume belowm output only.
res28: Array[String] =Array([partID:0, Val: 1], [partlD:O, Val: 2], [partlD:O, Val: 3], [partlD:1, Val: 4],
[partlD:1, val: 5], [partlD:1, val: 6])
Now apply aggreate method on ROD z , with two reduce function , first will select max value in each partition and second will add all the maximum values from all parttions
Initialize the aggregate with value 5, hence expected output will be 16.


Solution :

z.aggregate(5)(math.max(_, _), +)


In VM, from firefox download using below link

follow below commands:

cd Downloads/
tar xf Sublime\ Text\ 2.0.2\ x64.tar.bz2
cd Sublime\ Text\ 2
./sublime_text (to run sublime text)

You can make the link to desktop of sublime_text.

If it solved your query, Give credit to @N_Chakote. I copied this from there.


Hello @Raman_Kumar_Jha, in how many days I should expect the result. I did exam on 26-mar but still not received result. Can you suggest anything.

@rajeshkancharla, can you help me with above question.



@Divyakot They mail score report in 2 hours after the exam. Please check all folders in your mailbox. It should be there. If you did not get any mail yet, then you should contact cloudera.

The digital certificate will come in 2-3 days.


Thanks for your prompt response. I just checked it was in my spam.


Hi @Divyakot,

could you share your experience?


@graschella, you can find it here


As far as I know, it’s an automatic evaluation. Result should be out within few hours itself. Please check your spam / junk email folders, it could have landed there - same thing happened to me as well.


I am very poor in subqueries.Is there any question where we need to write subquery…Please reply