CCA 175 exam cleared on May 19,2018


Cleared the CCA 175 exam (7/9 correct). A big thanks to Durga’s sir and Arun’s sir certification tutorials and problem scenarios. Give a good amount of confidence on going through the questions.

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Hi @Sanjeev_Roy
would you share with us more details about the certification?



Were there Any Hive questions?


There was 1 question from hive metastore. That needs to be done using hive context object in spark.

2 sqoop questions + 7 Spark questions.

The questions are very straight forward. Just go through the problem scenarios of Arun and Durga sir’s. Create your own custom problem scenarios and focus primarily on file formats and compression.


Thanks for the reply.
Would you suggest one custom scenario problem?


Hi Sanjeev,
Congratulations on your success.

Could you please let us know if any questions were asked on SPARK STREAMING, KAFKA and FLUME?
If you could tell us on what topics were questions asked(breakdown), it would be helpful for us alot.

Again thanks for your time…!!



Congratulations ! Sanjeev…


How to find which databricks version installed on the cluster provided at exam? To save avro file format or read in spark?

Do they have any questions on flume/kafka?


Hi @Sanjeev_Roy
did you encounter any encoding issue?

How did you handle it?


Hi Praveen,
There was no questions from flume,kafka or Spark Streaming. But I would strongly recommend you to go through the Streaming analytics problem scenarios which are there in the CCA 175 spark and Hadoop developer scala lecture videos


No there was no encoding issue


There is no need to for any version. Spark-avro jar file will already be placed in the $SPARK_HOME/lib directory and the jar file name is added to the SPARK-defaults.template conf file. You just need to import com.databricks.spark.avro for reading and writing avro data files


Hi,Can you please let me know the playlist you followed. Im interested in giving the exam using pyspark.
Thanks in advance.