CCA 175 exam doubts to clear things



Just curious about below doubts:

  1. Questions based on flume / kafka are asked on basic level ?
  2. Also I read that questions based on spark can be answered using any one lang. So can anyone provide the pattern of question they ask in real exams.
  3. These videos do cover sbt build tool. In exam do they ask as to build these applications ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  1. Exam takers have not reported any questions on Kafka, Flume or Spark Streaming till now so mostly we may not expect questions on these but itโ€™s always better to have basic command before taking CCA

  2. You can practice sample scenarios using below link

  1. With respect to certification, you donโ€™t need to build the jar. You can code right from the terminal using Spark-shell. Note that your code wont be evaluated only the final solution will be evaluated.


Okay thank you so much Sunil. Can you post / remember the pattern of spark questions asked in exam. Could you please provide any sample ? It would be helpful