CCA 175 Launch Status: Delivery partner doesn't have the exam ready


My exam CCA 175 was scheduled on 11th April, 2019 at 11.30 AM. But my exam did not launch at scheduled time slot and received “Launch Status: Delivery partner doesn’t have the exam read” status.

After contacting Examslocal and Cloudera, I have received a mail from Examslocal “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately due to technical issues on Cloudera’s side we have been informed the exam will not become ready. In this case please contact Cloudera for assistance as a new eligibility is required in order to schedule for a new date and time.”

My exam has already been cancelled thrice due to technical issues in the month of March and it is almost mid April they are not able to resolve technical issues at their end.

Highly Disappointed!

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Hi Lokesh,

That’s really annoying to know. I have scheduled my exam sometime next week.

Please post whatever update you get from cloudera.

Hope cloudera team takes action asap.





There was an issue with my exam at their end. Now, my eligibility have been reset by Cloudera team to reschedule exam.

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That is pretty bad. You should post this on LinkedIn and other social networking portals so that this will not recur.