CCA-175 Playlist


Hi itversity team,

Which playlist to use for CCA-175 ? 92 videos or 25- videos playlist which was created recently ?

In 25-videos playlist is pyspark also present ? is pyspark required for CCA-175 ?



25 videos is as per revised syllabus…
I am not sure if it has pyspark.
If you choose to code in scala, pyspark is not required.


Can you please share the links for cca 175 certification 25 videos as per revised syllabus.


Here is the link :-


Hello dear itversity team,

For CCA-175 exam, 25-videos playlist is enough if I use scala for programming, or the 92-video playlist is also necessary to watch?



I am going though udemy cource content…please let me know still i need to go through 25 video playlist again…


Hello Akash, kindly share the link to the 92 videos as well. Also I’ll like to have a personal chat with you. my email is


Hi Team,

I already in the end of completing youtube playlist which is having 92 videos playlist , again is it necessary to follow playlist which is having 25 videos ?

Do we have any mock exam for practice purpose , if yes please share details.


Hi Team,

As per changes happened to the CCA spark 175 certification, one can choose between scala and python languages.
For CCA 175 with scala, the playlist named ‘CCA Spak and Haddop developer- scala’ with link below consist of 156 videos.


Also there is one playlist for CCA 175 with revised syllabus. It consists of 25 videos.

So which one to follow for study. Please let me know.