CCA 175 problem solving approaches



Dear All,

I have completed with the CCA 175 certification using python playlist by Durga Sir and practiced on the labs. So I was checking out the Arun Sir’s blog for practice before actual exam.

I found out that, in his blog he asked to solved the each questions using 3 approaches

  1. Using Dataframes
  2. Using Spark SQL
  3. Using RDD - spark core API

I am not sure if in actual examination they would ask like this or we can solve the question using any one approach?

I am not yet comfortable with Dataframe approach using python.

waiting for your valuable response.

Abhiraj Suryawanshi

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No, CCA will not enforce you the approach. But the recommendation is done for you practice so that you will be able to clear exam via all 3 approaches.

You can ignore Dataframes for CCA 175. But if you are planning to get into mllib, it is imperative to focus on Dataframes as well.


Thank you for your reply and clearing my doubt.
Can you please refer a good tutorial for python dataframe operations so that I can master that as well.