CCA 175 Question types



Hi All,

i have gone through the videos and right now i am in the position of appearing the exam. i do have few question. can durga sir or anyone ans those

  1. at the time of exam, can we choose the language of our choice or it is mandatory to know both scala and python (as the question will state which language to choose)

  2. i am from SQL background. so solving the problem in SQL manner suits me. so my question is it necessary to solve the question using core API or can i solve the question in SQL. or again the question itself mention the way (API or SQL) to solve it

  3. anything related to flum or kafka comes in exam as i think you mentioned in videos that they are not in exam but its a good idea to know about these technologies

  4. can you please share some question as a practices for us to make the exam clear in first attempt itself

please let me know these as soon as possible . i am trying to appearing in exam next week


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