CCA-175 -- Some time-management tips and observations / suggestions


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Time-management is key factor, how can you achieve that: total time (120 min)

  1. Consider 3-5 minutes overall for adjusting to exam environment. I am considering this by assuming multiple factors like exam anxiety/nervousness, small screen size, keypad/mouse issues, hovering over different application windows for first time familiarizing urself, network issue, etc…

  2. Hence, it leaves us now approx. ~115 min for 9 questions to solve.

2.1 Consider 1 min for reading/understanding/planning solution for every question and 1 min to cross validate your result and file format. 1 min for record count match. This is the max, i think we should consider. (Hence overall 3 min each question just for few extra things, overall 9 {question} x 3 {min} = {27 min} ). So, lets consider round about ~25 min overall. (Note:- This wouldn’t happen literally for every question but from planning and understanding purpose you can consider it).

  1. Finally, considering all above points we probably would have only (120 - 5 - 25 = 90 min for 9 questions to actually solve). Which means 10 min each question and if we stuck in any one question, it will cost us more.

Below are few my personal suggestions and observations

  1. for sublime text, open separate tab for each question. After opening separate tab for each question, on first line of each tab you can just write tag name for that question. (for example, on first tab, write “Problem 1” or “Solution 1” on its first line and hit enter.) This will become the title for that specific tab and you can access easily and fast. Also, I would recommend to open tab in sequential order so that you can easily hover as per the position as well.

  2. Preplan some naming convention for your code. for example, consider when you read any file and create Dataframe, name the variable as “DF1” or “readDF1”. for second file you can say “DF2” or “readDF2”. for reading text file name it like “RD1” or “ReadRD1” and so on. for any mapping logic variable, just name variable as “DFm1” or “RDm1” and so on… you can decide as per your understanding and as per your convenience. But I think this can save good amount of time in thinking.

  3. Definitely, copy paste file path, username and password to avoid any typo mistakes.

  4. I observed one more issue in exam. Since this is a screen sharing exam, the screen sharing software bar becomes the center bottom portion of your monitor/screen in exam. So, you wouldn’t be able to see properly whatever you are writing at the last line of your monitor/screen. For hive and spark CLI its an issue. I really couldn’t figure out solution for it. So, when you will copy code from sublime text, you need to verify at sublime text only and make sure you paste it properly at the hive or spark CLI window. This cost me overall 2-3 min through out the entire exam.

  5. Don’t rely on HUE for anything. you will waste sometime again in figuring out how to login and setup. I lost 1 min in that as well and was not even able to login.

  6. Remember and practice every command, you wouldn’t get time to go over documentation and searching over there.

Here is how I spent my time in each question, and I don’t suggest you to do same mistake:

Question 1: approx. initial 20 min still not able to solve.
Question 2: approx. again 20 min, able to solve and working in parallel on question 1 errors.

overall I spent 45 min approx on question 1 and 2 both and able to successfully solve only one question with proper cross verification.

Question 3: again 17-20 min. I really got confused with language of question. overall it was easy but i messed up. In score report it is also incorrect.
Question 4: approx 7 min, really easy and straight forward.
Question 5: approx 10-15 min again, need to read file and then transformation and then saving in needed format
Question 6: approx 10-12 min,
Question 7: approx 10-12 min,
Question 8: approx 4 - 5 min
Question 9 approx 2-3 min

My personal recommendation:
Stick and strict urself for 10-12 min each question (including all verification and every other thing).
Don’t waste much time on question if you stuck.

All the best…!! Feel free to ask any questions…!! All above suggestions are my personal and doesn’t directly or indirectly apply on anyone.
Take it or leave it…!! :slight_smile:



Hi @Divyakot

Congratulations on clearing the exam. Thanks for your suggestions.

I am giving exam in few days and I have some queries. Could you please ping me on if possible for you.



Hi @Divyakot

thanks for tips…
did the sqoop questions involved options like append or update ?


@Divyakot, Where will be the datasets located, will it be already in the hdfs, or in local file system directories?
Will it be in the question itself, from where we need to copy paste into local file and move it into hdfs and perform operations?


@Divyakot Nice explaination. The same happens with me :wink: Just I kept my self-believe that I can do it and cleared the certification :slight_smile: Why those sqoop command was failing again and again, I have no clue even now.


Did you try to maximize the font size of sublime text? I use ATom text editor, so not familiar with Sublime.


do you have access to /etc/hadoop/conf? . the reason i am asking this is because we dont need to memorize the compression codec’s being used in sqoop, since they are present in core-site.xml.