CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer Revised Syllabus


Hi all,
As per the CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer Revised Syllabus, I found this below link is most appropriate to learn. But I couldnot see any video of Spark with Python, in the playlist. It was only in scala. Is it mandatory to learn scala? I am bit confused now as I am learning spark only in python(pyspark) . Could anyone please guide me on this??
That would really be a great help.

Thanks in advance,
Aparna Sen


Hi Aparna
It is not mandatory to learn Scala for CCA175. Follow the below workshop tutorial. It covers various certifications and is an ongoing playlist


Thanks Varun for your reply. but what I am looking for is complete set of videos in Python for CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification,(as per the revised syllabus)

Hope you got it.



Hi Aparna
Good luck on ur prep. Like Varun said , the python based classes are going on right now. The videos playlist that u are looking at is a playlist created when the classes were taught in Scala. I had fun watching and clearing the certification using scala.

The certification course for python is going on currently(Nov 2017) and there should be atleast 10 videos for u start with, I dont think the playlist has been put together yet , but I added below the youtube link for the first video that I had with me . Each video is about 2 hrs and u might be able to finish 1 video/day if u are working/or in school .If are free ,u may want to think about finishing those 10 or more videos and catch up with the rest of the class.

Here is the link for the python starting video, there are some linux essentials and database essentials set up sessions before this video , that u may want to watch ,if u are not familiar with them already.

Other videos must be in itversity you tube channel , named like

“Big Data Certifications Workshop 02” , 03 , 04 etc. Have fun learning Big data.



Thank you so much Lakshmi for your reply in so detail. I didn’t have any prior knowledge to either of python or scala. I learnt and practiced some amount of pyspark watching videos from the playlist that contains 92 videos and decided to write my certification in python.but now I am deeply saddened not to find any specific material in python as per the new revised syllabus. I am planning to write my certification in another couple of months. So would it be wise if I start learning spark in scala from today?


Hi Aparna
Like I said , Python is equally popular and you haven’t wasted any time. Its good that u practiced from the old pyspark vidoes . And the video link I sent in my previous message is the first video for "CCA 175 using Python as per revised syllabus"
U may want to continue with that for ur exam prep . Like I said , the playlist is NOT put up together yet ,since the classes are going on currently , but individual videos are available in itversity’s youtube channel .
Its up to you search for them , using these names

“Big Data Certifications Workshop 01 - Basics of Python Programming”

and here are the 2 and 3rd videos names

Big Data Certifications Workshop 02 - Python Fundamentals - Functions and Collections
Big Data Certifications Workshop 03 - Python Fundamentals - Operations on Collections

You may want to finish one video per day along with the exercises and setups suggested by Mr.Durga Gadiraju. Rest of videos . I think some 15 classes are gone so far ,so u will see atleast 15 videos in there. U should be able nail ur certification if u finish all the videos in this topic.

Also , when u are done with one video ,u will atutomatically see “up next” suggestions on ur browser . So I dont think u will have issues finding all of these 15 or more videos by name. So dont wait for the playlist to be put up together , if I am guessing right , itveristy might attach each video to a playlist only after the python classes finishes .

Hope u got all am saying here. Remember to do lots of hands on training in a Cloudera VM or in itversity’s Big data Labs. Email me to if u have furthur questions.

cheers and good luck


Hi Lakshmi,
I am really thanking you from the core of my heart. Besides providing me with the solution to my queries, you are trying to help me with a great positive attitude that I truly appreciate!!! God bless you!!!

Aparna Sen


Hi ,

If possible, could you guid me regarding to get latest syllabus youtube videos for Spark using scala like the one you have given for Python…Please help me in this regard. Thanks…