CCA certification discussion



Hi ,

Planning to take CCA 159 data analyst certification , Having below questions , Any advice will help

1> If I practice in Itversity lab , what configuration change I need to expect in certification exam lab set up? Since itversity lab based Horton asking this question
2> Is the Cloudera VM is the same environment we take final exam or different?
3> Any New batch starting soon in Itversity?

Any one like to start a study group also please message , happy to join


I will create self paced course for CCA 159.

Here is the playlist. You can practice most of these on our labs with out worrying about any changes.


Will work on it, Thanks Sir.


Hello @BD_Pro, even im preparing for cca 159 certification. what playlist are you following?


@Pavan563 Above one , which Durga Sir provided.


@itversity @dgadiraju

Impala needed for CCA159 , Performance tuning questions will be asked in certification ?


Syntactially impala and hive are same. So preparing in Hive is fine.


@itversity @dgadiraju

Hi All ,

Its regarding loading data in gateway node

I have downloaded data from Durga sir’s GitHub to my laptop.
But unable to place it Cloudera VM’s Gateway node , Any suggestion how to do that.
Please not its NOT about loading data to HDFS , loading to gateway node in VM.


Open browser in Cloudera VM and directly download data in Cloudera VM.