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Introduction CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer is one of the leading certifications in Big Data domain. This certification is started in January 2016 and at itversity we have the history of hundreds clearing the certification following our content. Recently there are considerable changes in the certification curriculum and hence we are recreating the content for…


Thanks for information and thanks to Durga sir. I am just following your content and videos. its very helpful. I am planing to take this certification. I have few queries.

Can you please share some example questions,how it is in exam. Please make some mock test question papers it should be very helpful, will follow those.

Any one please share your questions who are attended the exam.



@Naresh - We are not suppose to share any sample questions. Practice the content till you are comfortable. Exam duration 2 hours, you have to get 7/10 to get PASS. You can check other CCA175 certification topic in this forum for others experience in the exam.


thank you @gnanaprakasam . I just want to know how the questions pattern. If it possible you can please share or give me some suggestions and links


Sir do we have latest videos for CC175, as I can see there are some changes happened in certification pattern.
Data Analysis
Use Spark SQL to interact with the metastore programmatically in your applications. Generate reports by using queries against loaded data.
Use metastore tables as an input source or an output sink for Spark applications

Understand the fundamentals of querying datasets in Spark

Filter data using Spark

Write queries that calculate aggregate statistics

Join disparate datasets using Spark

Produce ranked or sorted data


Here is the playlist for now


Hello, I just started the “CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer - SCALA”, I was following ITVERSITY course content using “”, chapter 1 and 2 (Learn Scala) are fine but I don’t see any content starting chapter “HDFS Commands”, “Core Spark” and remaining chapters. Please get me right direction where I can see full content.


Yes, as there is significant change is syllabus we are recreating the content. For now follow this playlist


the full post button click is not loading anything on screen.


Hi Durgasir and Team,

I saw on youtube Itversity has uploaded latest Jun-2018. I am interested to learn and prepare for Spark with Scala.

Do we need to use which one the above given or ( CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer - Scala)