CCA131 Exam Questions

Hi All,

I need help in CCA131 exam. I got 6 out of 10 correct but not sure why 3 answers marked wrong and 1 I left it. Could anyone please let me know what mistakes I did?

  1. Yarn Resource assignment : They have asked me to create a child queue and give the necessary properties which they mentioned in the question which I did but it marked wrong. I also made sure that the changes are saved and stale configuration recycled. I also tried to create user in linux related to queue but not able to as I was not having root access . Please suggest where I went wrong.

  2. Snapshot Retrieval with permissions intact : I used -ptopax option in copy command and restored it and make sure it has same permissions and privileges but it still marked wrong, Can you please suggest ? I also checked that snapshot is enabled.

  3. Hive data copy : I had a question to make existing files in particular dir in hive base dir i.e. /usr/hive/warehouse from 512MB to 128MB size without changing its permission and dir name. I know there is option -Ddfs.blocksize can be used while copying data but I was not having superuser i.e. hdfs permission to do that. So, how we can do it ?

Also, In general, in CCA131 , Do we have access to root user in Linux or sudo access to hdfs role?

I already made 2 attempt and both failed in same place, Please guide as Cloudera is not helping on it. Thanks!