CCA159 Study Groop



I know majority were preparing for CCA175 than CCA159.
I want to start a study group for CCA159. Please let me know, if any one is preparing for it.
Please let me know, If any one already completed CCA159

my email id is:


Add me


Add me,


Hi Ravi & Sudhakar,

When you are planning to go for certification CCA159?
It’s a mandatory for me to go before 1 week.


My Plan of preparation is:

Step.1: Read & Practice ‘CCA Data Analyst - Sqoop and Hive’ playlist.:

Step.2 Solve the exercises as like as certification exam:

Step.3 Practice Arun’s Certification exercises:

Please add your inputs here"



It would be more than month for me atleast.


Is there any skype group where we can join together for a group study?


Hi Raj,
Can you guide me on taking the CCA159 exam?



Hi There,

I am planning to do an certification and if there is advice and guidance greatly appreciated!!