CCA175 Cleared on Jan 17th 2018


Thank you Durga Sir and Arun Kumar Pasuparthi for all your tutorials and exercises!

I cleared 7/9 questions. My two cents for those who are preparing for CCA175.

  • One hour into the exam, the connection got lost. I thought it was my internet problem and freaked out. My internet was working but I couldn’t relaunch the exam. Minutes passed and the proctor didn’t join back at all. This totally stressed me out. I didn’t know what to do. Nearly after 10 minutes, the proctor came back, and apologized stating that it was some technical problem. I told her that since it was their mistake, I should be compensated for the 10 minutes I had lost. In the end I was compensated. If this happens to you, make sure you are compensated, because she didn’t do it on her own, I had to ask her.

  • Make sure to read and understand the questions very well. I had finished the exam with nearly 20 minutes to spare but I spent most of that 20 minutes by going back to one particular question and trying to understand it better, instead of checking my results for other questions. I felt that question to be kind of ambiguous (Just my opinion though. It could have been a straight forward one for others). In the end, I failed that question, and also on a Sqoop import question. Don’t know what went wrong in that. Guess I should’ve checked the results.

  • Practice a lot, memorize all the commands and arguments. Even if they all seem simple, go ahead and practice again and again.

I used Spark-SQL and sublime text editor. I practiced Durga’s and Arun’s set of questions more than twice.

Good luck to all those preparing for the exam.

Vasanth Kailasam


Hi @vasanthkailasam

congrats bro !!!
Did you mean that you did not used core RDD APIs at all for any question, and you solved all spark questions with Spark-SQL ??

Also did you had questions on compressed sequenceFile ?


Yes I used Spark-SQL for all questions. Did not use any RDD APIs except map to transform before DF conversion.
You will be tested on all possible file and compression formats.


Hi @vasanthkailasam

I am going to take this exam Monday, I am worried the scenarios I can not be able to understand the questions. can you explain what kind of “kind of ambiguous” situation you are facing during the exam?



Hi @vasanthkailasam
Can you let me know the spark question type. Are questions from spark provided with template? or I need to do code from scratch. Both language (python , scala) is required? Or I can choose any one during exam depending on I will get template?


Hi @vasanthkailasam

Congratulations on clearing your test.

I am sure you would have avro based questions. Are they accessible directly from pyspark or spark-shell or you had to import databricks package explicitly?


The new exam pattern does not have any templates at all. You can solve the questions using PySpark/Spark-Scala/Spark-SQL/Dataframes. Completely upto you.


You don’t have to import avro package while launching the shell. It will already be there.


Ambiguous in the sense I didn’t know if I should solve it one way or another. I was pretty much confused. I used the rows in the sample output of the question to compare with the exact same rows in my result set. I wouldn’t recommend this kind of validation though. Use the sample output only for format-validation with your result set, not for validation of rows/values. Instead just read and understand the question carefully.


Thanks Sir. Congratulations.


Hi @vasanthkailasam

So I need to code from scratch ? Is not the code is time consuming?

One more doubt is do we need to compile then use Or I need to run the code in REPL?


@vasanthkailasam Congrats!!
Kindly can you send me an my email on my personal one added below so we can exchange knowledge regarding the exam. Looking forward to your cooperation!