CCA175 Cleared Thanks Mr Durga

Thanks to Durga’s udemy course, I was able to clear CCA175 on May 12th with ease. Got one problem wrong on ‘Incorrect Schema’
I want to share my experience with the community.
I had the old exam system where I was presented with a VM like environment. I opened up multiple terminals, one for spark shell, one for hdfs -ls and one for a nano editor. There will be a browser already opened with spark documentation.
Please carefully read the exam problem, don’t make typo. Always copy and paste the target directory.
All tasks can be solved in Dataframe.
Arvo is already imported for me.
Exam problems are relatively simple compares to the exercises we did in the course.
So please go review the course exercise, if you can solve all the exercises. You should clear the exam without issue.

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Hello @Benjamin_Rani congratulations to you. Please recommend the course you have taken to clear the exam and the questions you have practised. Thank You