CCA175 exam using Python



I am new to Spark and plan to study and take certification. Could you please let me know the course that I need to take to work on Pyspark (I plan to use Python instead of scala as I have some experience in Python) . I do see a course Apache Spark with Python. Is this as per the new certification syllabus or is it generic?

Thanks for your guidance.



@suraj Here is the playlist and it covers below certifications
Certifications covered:

  • Spark portion of CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (there will be one week Sqoop session as well for CCA aspirants after the training is done)
  • HDPCD:Spark
  • Databricks or O’reilly Spark Certification


Thanks Balu for the quick reply. Have a few more questions -

This playlist contains number of workshops. Are these also a part of CCA course?
Is there a play list directed only to CCA 175 Spark using Python,?

Just to confirm does this material(playlist) cover the entire sylabus for the CCA175 exam and coding using Python?

Could you please elaborate Spark portion alone means? ‘Spark portion of CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer’


@suraj, You can refer below playlist: