CCA175 - my experience on June 14


I have scheduled my exam at 6:15 AM on June 14th. I have opened my exams page from 5:30 and waiting for lauch button. The button is supposed to appear at 15 minutes before scheduled time at 6 AM. As it didn’t appear I have pinged examslocal and they asked me to wait till 6:15. Sadly launch button didn’t come even after 6:25 and he said they will allow me to reschedule the exam at no cost as it is a problem from their end. As per their rules we have to start the exam at least 15 minutes after the scheduled time. I was very disappointed as the launch button didn’t come even at 6:30. Some how the button appeared at 6:35 and I wrote the exam and cleared it. If you guys face a similar issue while starting exam, don’t give up if launch button won’t come and wait for it.


Congrats Pranay! thanks for sharing your experience. Any insight into exam pattern, complexity level , areas to focus etc. will be helpful for the aspirants.


Glad it all worked and congratulations on clearing the certification.
I too faced the problem of no “Green Launch Button” even after the exam start time was lapsed.
I relaunched the examlocal webpage in another tab and it worked for me.

Fellow big data aspirants, if you too face the issue, try refreshing the browser or relaunching the examlocal webpage. Good luck and all the best.


It’s pretty much same as others mentioned. Questions are easy. After going through the playlist test yourself on problems from arun-teaches-u-tech blog. You will easily complete exam in 60-90 minutes. Make sure you have high speed internet connection. If possible use desktop which has big screen than normal laptops.


Congratulations Pranay


Thank you Nitesh…


Thanks Pranay for sharing your experience.
Can you pls let me know the selection of Language?.

Means…Can we select the Scala or Python?. Or Its mandatory to write the code in both language (scala or python) as they specify along with the Question?

Because i dont know Python but have exp. in scala.So is it possible that i can attend all the questions in Scala.


They will not mention which language to use. you are free to use any language.


I know its late, but better late than never. Congrats Pranaysahith for clearing your certification.
Was just curious, if this certification will be of any help to face real-world interview questions or for projects?


Hopefully, yes. It would be great if is it possible to share some resources or sites for people who started transiting to BD. Thanks.


Of course you need to learn more than what is enough for certification for projects and interviews, however it is a good place to start with.


Thanks Pranay for sharing your experience. Can you please tell me which playlist did you refer to for giving the certification accordng to latest standards ? Did you refer to the revised playlist - or the older one sufficed ?


I will recommend to go through latest playlist.


Hello Pranay,

How to run spark-shell in the exam, in yarn mode or local mode?


As we have to use all nodes in the cluster for better speed we should not use local mode.
You can simply run spark-shell and by default it will be yarn mode.


Thanks a lot pranaysahith


Hello Pranay,

How the sqoop export format goes…is it the table exists in the mysql to which we need to export the HDFS files to, or, we need to create table in mysql with provided schema?


We don’t have to create MySQL table. They will provide it.