CCA175 Scored 8/9 on 19-JAN-2018



As always big big thanks to Durga sir :blush: for their valuable time and efforts for making tutorials specially cca175 series on udemy (recommended to all) and thanks to Arun sir for their very closer scenarios, its really appreciable.

Well coming back to cca175 :

  • exam was relatively easy
  • there were 9 questions (2 sqoop and 7 spark)

Key points :

  • read every problems very carefully
  • keep calm (most important)
  • focused more on file format convrsions
  • and lastly time management is important :hourglass_flowing_sand:

recommendations :

  • do practice on multi nodes lab environments (BigData Labs)
  • try to solve problem as much as in less time
  • practice practice and practice

Finally, All the best for future candidates :+1:


Thank you for the feedback and best of luck for your bright future.