CCA175 - Urgent Question- Please help ASAP - exam tomorrow 02/25


Hello friends,

Are there any Spark questions in the exam which can ONLY be solved (or easily solved) by RDD operations and NOT Dataframes/SparkSQL??
If you could give an example, that would be great as well.

Please respond asap. I have my exam tomorrow 02/25!



Did you cleared the exam?


@vijayraj34 - Yes I cleared the exam! :blush:


Bhai!! Then please share some experience…
Is it enough to go thru Arun’s blog? or i need to do something extra?


Hi @vijayraj34, I already shared my experiences yesterday under ‘Success Stories’. Please refer to that.
And, to answer your question…Yes, practice problems/scenarios from Arun’s blog were very helpful in the preparation and should be sufficient to practice for the exam (provided you have learned the content/concepts from itversity or any other source). Just make sure to practice those scenarios a lot to gain the speed and confidence to complete all questions within the allotted time of 2 hrs under exam environment. Hope this helps!