Cca175 : whether they ask these type of questions


whether they ask these type of questions during exam

val grouped = sc.parallelize(Seq(((1,“two”), List((3,4), (5,6)))))
val flattened = grouped.flatMap { A=> { value => B }
You need to generate following output. Hence replace A and B


No. I did not get these type of questions.


thank u … then how do they ask questions?


Hi @Dinakar,

I’m preparing for certification and have query on various file formats and different ways to handling data - using Dataframe and Core APIs.
1# Is it possible to save files in all the formats using both dataframe and core APIs ?
2# Are questions complex on transformations and output formats ? Here I’m not talking about Spark Transformations. I mean slicing and dicing of fields, columns etc.


Hi @varun_b and @singhak.bhu,

Please follow Arun’s blog for questions. They will be in similar fashion. I didn’t get the complex transformations you are mentioning about. Regarding file format’s you need to check the blog which is well documented by Arun and is available in as well.

Hope this helps.



Thanks @Dinakar !!! :slight_smile: