CCP Data Engineer Exam (DE575) - Study Group


Hello all,

I am trying to give the CCP Data Engineer Exam (DE575) soon, so before that I think would be great if we create a study group with people who are also interested to proceed with the same exam.

Anyone is interested here?

Best regards,


@David_Boudart Hi, I am also interested. I haven’t any idea regarding curriculum and all that things. If you have please share it.


Please add me to the group as well. TIA!


@ubuntuaws and @vishvaspatel34, thanks for your interest.

The group is not created yet, let’s see who else are interested in this and answer to this topic.

Meanwhile, do you prefer to chat where? Is it slack ok for you?


Count me in @David.
Can you give contents of the course ?


Hi David, can you please add me to the group? Thank you!


It is not a course, it is just a group , which the idea is to share knowledge but with no success.

Nobody is giving contribute, only juan.


Hello Victor!
You can follow this link:

But to be honest , the group does not have the expected dynamic. If you are quite interested, we can try to create a good dynamic.

Thanks for your interest.


Hi David, Yes slack is ohk for me any my userid: vishvaspatel34 Or give me the group link and I will join.


@victor777, @David_Boudart, @sheltong Can we start again ?



I am interested. Please add me too.


Yes @victor777, @Rajesh_Sutar!

I like your motivation, let’s go for it… I’ll share the link:

Once you join slack, we’ll speak there.

Thanks a lot for this, let’s do it.


Hi David,
Can you please share the link again, i would be very much interested in joining the group.
my email is


Hello all,

@ubuntuaws, @vishvaspatel34 and @jeevananne

I’ve already created the slack group, please join the link below:

If you know more people that want to join us, please invite them :slight_smile:


I am interested in join this group , how ever when i click on the link getting message its no longer available , can you please add me also


Hello David, I am too interested and Can you please share the link for me?


@David_Boudart Hi, I am interested in joining this group. I’m going to pass DE575 till the end of the year


Can you add me to the group??


I am interested for DE575. i have cleared the CCA175 exam. Please can you suggest study guide and add me in this group.


Hello David, the link is not longer active. Let’s create a good dynamic, I think I have someone else who is interested on this certification too.